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Stump Removal

stump removal with stump grinder

Stump Grinding Iowa offers stump removal services from recently fallen trees as well as for pre-existing stumps.

Stump grinding restores the beauty of your lawn and landscape giving you the option to level the area and plant grass, shrubs, or even another tree. Stump grinding is the most cost effective way to remove stumps and minimize the amount of damage to your surrounding landscaping. We are very efficient and work hard to get to your stump and back out of your yard without tearing up your landscape.

One added benefit of stump grinding is it reduces or eliminates entirely epicormic growth, a.k.a. “sucker growth,” which is any new vertical growth that arises from a dormant bud underneath the trunk of a tree. Suckers grow out of place and they grow quickly and aggressively.

Types of Stumps Removed

The stump grinder can handle any of the wood mentioned above but some take longer to grind depending on their hardness.





The process

  1. Make a site visit to look at the stump and determine any circumstances affecting the grinding process such as proximity to buildings, fences or landscaping bricks and rocks
  2. Determine the specifics the customer desires
    • What is the overall goal of the landscaping changes
    • Will he/she be planting grasses where the stump was or another tree
    • Are there additional exposed roots to be removed
    • Does the customer need the wood chips hauled away or can they be used elsewhere on the property
  3. Write up the estimate and leave a copy with the customer
  4. Mark the stump(s) with a locate stake
  5. After approval of the quote make arrangements for the utility locate which takes a minimum of two business days. This ensures the grinder doesn't run into underground utilities
  6. Schedule the work


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