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Here are answers to the most common questions we get about stump removal. If you have other questions don't hesitate to contact us here.


How much does it cost to remove a stump?

There are several factors that go into determining the price.

  1. The size and hardness of the stump. This determines the grinding time. The size is measured in a diameter across any exposed roots that will also be ground down.
  2. The ease of access to the stump. Close obstacles such as rocks, bricks, decks, and other trees, flowers or shurbs may be a factor in determining the difficulty of the stump removal.
  3. The clean up. We are happy to clean up the area after the job is completed for a fee, but leave you the option of doing that yourself.

Once these factors are determined, we can give a proper quote.

In general, to grind one 24 inch diameter stump 5 inches deep, the minimum charge would be $175. To clean up and haul away the debris from the same stump, an additional fee of $90 would be added on.


Are Rotten Stumps Cheaper?

It is hard to tell from the surface just how much of the stump is rotten. Most of the time rot is superficial. Because of this we price rotten stumps the same.


How soon can the work get done?

From the time of your initial call to a completed job is typically less than seven days. This includes the bidding process, the request for utility locations, and the scheduling of and performing the work.


Can you grind my neighbor's stump at the same time?

Yes, we certainly can. However, we will need to work with them individually and keep paperwork separate for insurance purposes. The bid will likely be lower with a joint effort due to less travel time.


what if your machine throws a rock and breaks a window?

This has not happened yet, but is a possibility. When working close to your home and especially close to a window, plywood is used as a shield to protect from any airborne dirt or rocks. If we should break your window, we ask that you have it repaired quickly and mail us a copy of the bill for reimbursement.


How deep does your grinder go?

The maximum depth is 15 inches. Most people choose to plant grass after the removal, 5 inches is sufficient. If you are wanting to plant another tree in its place, I recommend moving away from the old stump site a couple of feet or more to provide adequate clearance from the old stump’s deep roots.


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