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John Angerstein
John Angerstein

John discovered after retiring the second time in 2010, that he still enjoyed working, but this time, on his own terms. He got his experience in the tree removal industry while working as an electrical lineman in the forest of western Oregon. Many long days and nights were spent cutting fallen trees out of transmission power lines.

Later in his career he worked as an inspector of tree crews working on power line right-of-ways. Sometimes he had to hire a stump grinding contractor when the tree removal was close to a house or landscaping. That's when he discovered the process and thought it was something he could see himself doing after retirement on a seasonal basis.

Today, his mission is much simpler than power lines but is equally important to the home owner. John's commitment is to make stump removal a very simple and seamless task at an affordable price.

John always enjoys meeting new people and being able to help with their landscaping projects by making those unsightly stumps finally go away.


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